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Jellyfish is a kind of venomous marine creature with numerous cnidocytes containing venom on its

Spiders are a class of ancient animals widely distributed in almost all terrestrial ecosystems, a

Centipede bites may cause poisoning as a result of venom released from the fangs.

Snake bites are a common condition caused by animal attacks.

Human bites are injuries and secondary infections caused by bites from humans.

Dog bites are skin lesions, avulsion injuries, hemorrhage, and secondary infections caused by can

Rabies is caused by rabies virus, and humans can be infected by being bitten by homoiotherms infe

Acariasis is a group of conditions caused by mites, mostly flour mites.

Nevus simplex, commonly known as stork bites, angel kisses, or salmon patches, is vascular birthm

Port wine stain, also known as nevus flammeus, is an abnormal dilation of capillaries, with an in

Pityriasis capitis, also known as pityriasis sicca, seborrhea sicca, or pityriasis capitis simple

Pityriasis amiantacea is a chronic disease that occurs on the scalp and is characterized by diffu

Scorpion sting is a condition caused by the stings of scorpions.

Demodicosis is caused by demodex mites, also known as hair follicle mites.

Gamasidosis is a dermatitis caused by gamasid mites.

Trombiculosis, also known as trombiculiasis´╝îtrombidiosis´╝îor trombidiiasis, is a dermatitis caused

Acarodermatitis is a dermatitis caused by the bites of flour mites.

Scabies is a contact infectious disease caused by human itch mites.